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linda purrazzella, mosaic artist photo
Mosaic Artist/Designer
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Hampton Mosaics is the result of a long desired passion to connect with an art form. Trained as a surface pattern designer from Syracuse University, I was in the textile and home furnishings industry in product development and design for over twenty-five years, been a freelance graphic designer and a public school teacher and now an artisan. Mosaics allow my love of attention to detail, along with explorations of contrasts in color, pattern, and texture to be manifested in their creation.

My love of mosaics was first inspired by my Sicilian roots as I was taken by my parents to ancient sites in Sicily, such as Monreale in Palermo, where the walls and floors were covered with thousands of exquisite tiny pieces of smalti glass as well as in Piazza Amerina, where some of the best preserved mosaic floors can be found in the Villa Romana del Casale. After living in Rome for almost a decade, I found myself surrounded by mosaics, which were an unspoken part of the city. People would pass by and even walk on beautiful examples of cut stone walkways and patterned walls, extraordinary works of art, not fully appreciating the artisanal effect this art form had on the city.

Following a long tradition initiated by many legendary artists who came here to the East End of Long Island intrigued by the light and water, my art form is finding similar sources of inspiration in the beaches, the ocean and the nature that surrounds me. After having taken an initial summer mosaic class, I explore the beauty of mosaics in the balance and contrast of artistic elements - texture, size, color and luminance.

Please explore the WORKS Gallery, where you will find examples of mosaics created. I have an Etsy shop that sells functional frames and home decor along with whatever other inspiration comes my way.

"Vine Trilogy", my first solo mosaic, was selected in 2011 as one of 55 contemporary artworks out of more than 200 submissions for the first juried 2011 National Mosaic Exhibition in Cape Cod, MA.

"Finding Center" a stained glass composition, was selected as 1 of 40 works for the Southampton Cultural Center's 1st Juried  Exhibition in September 2011.