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is that moment of connection, when the object or experience presented makes me take notice.

 allows for the interplay of material creating a unique experience of process as well as form.

 is one person’s way of perceiving and triggers contemplation, reflection and feelings.

is something that tells a story or exists for its own sake that inspires and challenges generations of people, yet it is created intuitively out of a desire to communicate, to express and to explain.

is the essence of emotions made manifest - joy, sorrow, hope,
love, anger, despair, and passion.

The moment of connecting to IT, where I find purpose,
has been in the art of mosaic.

shaina shoe


Drawn to forms inspired by nature, mosaic allows me a forum to explore works that are compositions in contrast. The contrast between values of light and dark, size, and textures of materials such as stone and glass are combined into motifs that explore observations found in natural patterns. Each stone is in itself a unique element and yet together they utilize repetition and pattern to form an integrated whole. Function and decoration become incorporated into a singular work in mosaics. The process of connecting the elements takes on a rhythm. This method of creating with small pieces of material has a long history and tradition, yet I find inspiration in the contemporary exploration of the form, focusing on texture, shape, size and color. The natural elements of stone, glass, cement and grout are enhanced by cut, placement and juxtaposition within a design. There is a luminous quality in the tesserae that changes in relation to your position to the work. Forming mosaics is a process that takes patience and precision, yet the result can be extremely fluid and organic. Primarily two dimensional, my work has focused on the curve as a central theme, exploring the triptych as a compositional grouping.

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